Operating under the license of AliveMEDIA Communications registered with the corpoate affairs commission in Nigeria, AliveRECORDS is a positive and dynamic platform for gospel singers who desire using music as a tool for soul winning and a source of lifting and encouragement to the world at large.

We are charged with the mandate to spreed the gospel on the streets of our communities and all over the world using spiritually inspired songs filled with power through divine impartation of God's word. If you are gifted with such amazing singing talent and needs a platform to glorify our Lord Jesus Christ with your gift then join AliveRECORDS now let's reach out to our generation with God's word in a spiritual and entertaining gospel concerts and music productions.

The ARRP Initiative

This is a platform where AliveRECORDS in conjunction with ALMETASE partner with other organizations as sponsors to make sure everyone on AliveRECORDS earn rewards for their labour.
Creating good music contents involves lots of energy, time and finance and could be painful and discouraging if after all the hard work there is little or nothing to show for it.

We will stand by you, guide you as you grow your career to the top.
You can visit to learn more about The ALMETASE Contest. And to know more about the AliveRECORDS Reward points (ARRP) go to Click Here

Music Production

We are equipped to handle your new project from start to finish and if your old music is lacking that extra edge, we can maximize sound to the fullest.
From production to mixing and mastering, We Got You Covered.

Music Promotion

We will get your songs heard by thousands of people.
Stream on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Google Play, iTunes also put your song on radio and TV playlist with exclusive interviews and online broadcasts.

Artist Signing

Amazing recording deal with awesome packages. We will help you grow your fanbase and get your songs heard by millions of people.
Get featured in special music events and create strong connection with your fans.

Our Studios

Our recording studios is always available to give you the best audio recording solutions for your music singles and album recording projects and we also have the best sound engineering skills and experience to give you the best selling audio music outputs and formats from recording to editing and mixing as well as mastering.

Our music producers offers you with the best methods to arrange your music lyrics, melodies, harmonies and backups with the instrumentation that suits your music style/genre and makes it presentable and appealing to your targeted audience as well as to the entire market.


If you are recording for the first time? Don't panic! we will ensure that you are given adequate time to adapt to your instrumentals and music rhythms; this enables you to record your vocals with little or no errors as well as giving you a professional studio and live performance.

For aspiring individuals who want to learn the basics in music production at affordable fees and be able to create their own instrumentals, AliveMEDIA recording studios is also available as there are more to know as a musician when you make AliveMEDIA recording studios your home studio.