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Tired of paying each time you upload? Whether you have 1 song or 1,000, AliveRECORDS lets you host it all for free. No premium accounts needed!

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Your free standard account includes advanced stats to help you measure engagement on every single uploads.

Powerful premium account - Lots of benefits

AliveRECORDS Premium Account gives you the most advanced opportunity to earn with every single upload and also view premium training materals free!

Benefits for having AliveRECORDS Premium account


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Artist Blog

Keep your fans engaged and updated by publishing and managing your artist blog...

Music Materials

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Earn from the ARRP system

AliveRECORDS Reward Point (ARRP) is a legitimate online money making platform that allows you to complete simple tasks and your account will be credited with money.
Creating good music contents involves lots of energy, time and money and could be painful and discouraging if after all the hard work there is little or nothing to show for it and that is why AliveRECORDS came up with this awesome initiative to help you earn from your musical works so that you can even do much more.
This earnings are different from the royalties and sales you get from your music on digital stores; It is AliveRECORDS special personal reward system for subscribed or registered members.


To register on AliveRECORDS new users will select an existing user before they can fill the registration form.
Any existing user selected by a new user gets a user-point, You can get as many user-point as possible and points are converted to real money with easy cashout suystem.
you dont have to do anything, the more new users select you during registration the more point and money you earn.


You will get a reward point for any new user that registers using your referal link.
once you complete your registration a referal link is authomatically created for you to share and invite fellow gospel ministers in songs or words to sign-up using your link.
Any completed registration via your referal link earns you a reward point of a percentage of the ARRP signup fee yearly.


Each view on AliveRECORDS earns you a point that can be converted to money. The more your content is viewed and liked the more view points you get.
All you need to do is keep sharing your links by using the social media sharing tools we have provided. Make use of the ARMLink tool to Route fans to listen to your music on their favourite streaming platforms.


Every month AliveRECORDS TEAM will be releasing top ten songs on our platform. The songs will be selected by most downloaded, most viewed and our media team review.
Selected song artistes will go through online voting which will last for a month.
Artiste with the highest vote win and become the artiste of the month.
Winner will be announced, celebrated and rewarded with cash prize and free online music promotion.
Winner will also get an exclussive interview live on our media channels.


You can earn more money when a fan gives you star gifts to support your project.
Gift Stars are purchased as free donations to support artistes on AliveRECORDS.
No doubts if your music content is blessing lives you will also be blessed by your fans and those whom your music have touched in a special way.
Star-Gifts is the channel through which they can support your work.


In order to create better awreness of how AliveRECORDS is helping you earn real cash online we will also appreciate you with instant cash if you create a short video of AliveRECORDS Payment Alert. Yes, we pay you your ARRP and you testify with a short video we will pay you again for the video.
Make sure the video is clear with a good audio quality, Once our media team reviews and approves it you get instant cash alert from us.