Sex with your partner before marriage?

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Brother Sammy advice why you should have sex with your partner before marriage

Gospel musician, Brother Sammy has advised that it is important to have sex with your partner before deciding to tie the knot with them.

According to him, abstaining from sex before marriage is a big NO for him. He fingered pre-marital sex as one of the best support systems that ensure lasting marriages.

Speaking in an interview with Okay FM, Brother Sammy insisted that pre-marital sex is not as abominable as many have been made to believe. He believes that one of the causes of unhappy marriages and divorce is abstinence from pre-marital sex.

He noted that his reasons are simple and realistic. Pointing out that sex is an essential element in healthy marriages. Therefore, how will you know if you are sexually compatible with your partner if you don’t have sex?

“I am not saying people should have sex indiscriminately. But if you don’t have sex with the person before marriage, your marriage will fail,” he said

Adding that “Yes, I am a Christian. And that is why I said that this is a difficult thing to say.”

Brother Sammy disclosed that sexual frustrations are why most people cheat with their exes. He explained that everyone has peculiar sexual desires which need to be satisfied.

“Men of today have their preferences. Women also know what they want. Every woman has a type of penis she likes. Some like it long, while others will say they want an average type or short. So how il you know if the gentleman you are courting orgasms quickly or not? If you marry him and he suffers from premature ejaculation, you will run back to your ex. The marriage will never know peace.”

I want to say that as a true born again child of God it is a sin and an abominable act to have sex before marriage.

These words coming from a gospel artist are a dirty stain on the gospel music community.

Let me point some things out here... 

Sex is not really what keeps the marriage. Sex has never been, people are deceived to believe sex is what keeps the marriage.

An adulterous man or woman will still go outside marriage no matter how sexually good their partner is.

Love doesn't keep the marriage or stop people from having extra-marital affairs because I have seen women who had sexual relationships outside to sustain their husbands and children financially.

Intellectually what brother Sammy said sounds reasonable but in the real truth of God's light brother Sammy salvation is questionable.

Fornication and adultery is a sin against God and man and it is abominable. 

Good and truthful communication is one strong tool that keeps all relationships including marriage.

Sex shouldn't be a reason for marriage because sex drives and desires changes so what happens if the woman or man start losing interest in sex as age weakens them? What do you do? Leave them and marry another?

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This brother is not correct at all, as Christians the Bible is the final not our opinions birthed out of our worldly desires