Glory Diviner

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Tue Jun. 9th, 2020
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Xtrabeatz is a Music Producer, Sound Engineer, Music instructor, Song Writer and a Singer.
Born Dennis Ekwere, he has been within the music ministry for about Seventeen years now. Xtra as he is fondly called by close friends and family began music production in 2004 with the help of his best friend "George" known also as Georave. 

Dennis hails from Akwa Ibom, Nigeria. He has produced for many artists which includes Dj Vinnie, Midey, Ama, Phashyo and  Olori Ogunbajo to mention a few.

This song Glory Diviner would bless you in no small way.

Lyrics of Glory Diviner by XTRA


U turn my life around 
Miracle worker, Lord 
U r my potter
The righteous running to U
And the sinners are saved 
Believers prevail 

U turn my destiny around 
My Glory diviner 
Heavens Adore U
Lord U seated upon Ur throne 
Make the Earth Ur footstool ....X2

Pre Chorus

U r the first 
U r the last
U r the best
Lord Ur my Glory diviner 
Ur my Glory diviner 

With U am the best
With U I create 
With U I prevail 
Worship my Glory diviner 


Ur Love is purer than gold
Ur Grace, I don’t deserve,for me
U shamed the enemy

For everything U’ve done for me

U gave Ur Life for Me
U changed my destiny for real
U shamed the enemy
So I wanna say thank U Lord


Yes U r deserving of my Praise
U r deserving all the Glory
And Honor 
To the one who reigns over my life,
My life,my life.
my life is Urs

I will speak of Ur goodness 
I’ll proclaim of Ur kindness 
To the One who was and he is 
And He’s to come for my life 
My life , my life
My life is Urz


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