Na God

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09 Aug, 2020
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Jesus Party Jam... Holy Spirit is behind my songs My writings

Im here with the koko gist 
Se you know the koko, cuz
This one sweet pass lotto 
Hes the way
Hes the truth 
Hes the light 
Hes the way maker 

Alagbawi eda
Na U
Alagbede Oroun
Na U
Awesome God, Mighty God
Na U

Oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh
Na the reason why me I dey calm

Call... Na Ur Grace
Resp.. Dey mek me dey ball

Call... Na Ur Mercy
Resp...mek me strong

Call...Na Ur Love
Resp.. E dey sweet me gan
Na the reason why me I dey calm

Verse 2
no stopping
Celebration non stopping 
Dis, no be clubbing no go there
Dis na the Jesus party believe me no dulling yeah

Im so calm, cuz I 
Ive got the spirit of Divine in me
Im living so fine 
Abi u no dey understand Wetin I dey yarn 

Words are not enough to say the things youve done for me
By Grace
By Love 
Dat Im standing here 


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