Jesus you are Lord

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Xtra releases a new single to celebrate his birth. A powerful praise expressing the Lordship of Jesus Christ over all.

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Verse 1:

I long for more in Ur presence oh Lord
I live for more by Ur Spirit oh God
I press for more in the knowledge of the Son
[Cuz] in Ur knowledge I am free
[And] in Ur presence I am changed

Pre Chorus:

Oh oh oh
Oh oh oh
Oh oh oh...

In Ur presence I am changed


Ure the Living Word
Lord Ur glory fills this atmosphere 
To light the heart of men
To see Ur will fulfilled Lord... 

Ure the Living Light
Ur light shines over all oh Lord
Oppression turns to praise
In humble adoration Lord 


We cry... Holy, Holy, Holy
Holy are U Lord, Holy are U Lord

We cry... Faithful, faithful, faithful 
Faithful are U Lord
Faithful are U Lord

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
Jesus You are Lord
Jesus you are Lord


Oh oh oh
Oh oh oh

Jesus you are Lord 
Jesus you are Lord 


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